Month: October 2016

Bread – The Staff of Life?

I don’t each much bread.  I quit eating when I was on the Atkins diet, but went back to it when I fell off the Atkins wagon.  I changed the way I eat last November.  I eat bread as often as Floridians google for snow shoes.  It only took a few days for me to notice major changes, such as my allergies getting much better and my blood pressure going to normal without pills. A few months ago I decided to reintroduce bread into my diet, but keep it as healthy as possible.  I researched and found sourdough is the bread savior.  Fermenting the bread makes it digestible.  It took months for me to research how to make it and go through the process.  My first starter wound up getting mold in it when it was one month old, and I had to start over again.  My next starter worked out much better, but my first sourdough loaf had the consistency of Ellie Mae Clampett biscuits. My third attempt at baking sourdough bread went very well.  I enriched the dough to reduce the tang as my family is used to grocery store bread.  It was delicious!  I buttered a piece of bread and ate it with my lunch the next day.  I enjoyed a bite of bread, then I took a bite of watermelon, and oh my!  There was...

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Back to the Routine

What do you do after a hurricane?  Getting back to my normal routine helped me feel much better.  Daily walks were a challenge with lightning, heavy rain, and wind strong enough to blow trees over. Now I am enjoying my daily walk, sipping my tea,  and planning what I’m going to cook for the weekend.  My choices are sourdough bread, meat pies, cookies, or some type of meringue pie.  I can’t go wrong with any of them. Active yeast is one thing, but this was too much!  My sourdough starter got a new home in a quart mason jar as it kept overflowing the pint sized...

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Storm Surge

I don’t know if this is a good sign or not, but just after I started my blog, the 100 year storm called Hurricane Matthew blew into town. I am still playing around with themes and getting closer to determining a look for this place.  You know how it gets when you have a lot of good choices, it is just so hard to decide!  I will make a decision soon....

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